“When your advertising went on the air, our sales went vertical.”

– Jim Daniels, VP Marketing Church & Dwight

“In my 17 years as a Marketing Executive, I have worked with many agencies (and many of them were the top NYC agencies), and I can honestly say that I have never had the quality of work and the results that I have seen with The Joey Company.”

– Stacey Feldman, Vice President of Women’s Health and Personal Care, Church & Dwight

“From working to hone a strategy to executing a creative approach embedded with a stickiness born from a distinct consumer insight that triggers a sale…The Joey Company delivers!”

– Richard Kornhauser, Vice President, Marketing, Chattem/Sanofi-Aventis

“Your commitment to a research-based creative process provided us with valuable insights into our business. The creative executions were first-class.”

– Ross Buchmueller, President and CEO, PURE

“Throughout the agency pitch process, The Joey Company consistently delivered exceptional insights and thinking true to their agency’s philosophy of ‘Seeing What Others Fail to See®’. They were the ones to fully demonstrate a real consumer connection.”

– Bob Wilson, Vice President, SCA Personal Care

“I truly love your work.”

– Jim Craigie, CEO, Church & Dwight

“They zero in on a brand at the DNA level to understand what makes it tick, and leverage those findings to help drive the copy process. It’s more than advertising, it’s strategic brand building.”

– Don Gilmour, Category Manager, ACT, Chattem

“Your enthusiastic and dedicated response was invaluable to the CDC Foundation’s and CDC’s disaster response.”

– Charlie Stokes, President and CEO, CDC Foundation

“Your work is bringing us a dimension that will allow us to be more profitable every day.”

– Susan Scarola, Vice Chairman, DCH Auto Group

“They helped us step out of our rut and think on a different level. They set a wonderful example for companies who are redefining themselves and revisiting their own image.”

– Deena Katz, President, Evensky & Katz Financial Planning

“The one thing that stands out for me is the track record of in-market brand performance, which is the most important performance criterion.”

– Steve Cugine, EVP, Global New Product Innovation, Church & Dwight

“Versus large agencies, the attention to detail is greater and there’s a better/richer understanding of the brand/business dynamic.”

– Melissa Martin, Director, Church & Dwight

“I hope you will take pride in this terrific work and know you are helping make sure that we won’t let our daughters grow up without Title IX.”

– Deborah Larkin, Founder, The Margaret Fund, and Title IX Expert and Activist, in partnership with the National Women’s Law Center

“The Joey Company is the undisputed simplifier and enabler of turning insights into emotionally driving and endearing brands via advertising—based on experiencing hundreds of agencies, having seen the true results of their advertising (e.g. sales generation), and experiencing simplicity with heart.”

– Jorge Nieri, CEO, Brand Growth Partners

“Boundless energy and electric creativity.”

– Lori Rebhan, Director of Development, University of Michigan School of Public Health

“In a word: ‘WOW.’ The results speak for themselves and they speak volumes about their work and team effort!”

– David Cohen, Senior Director of Skin Care Marketing, Church & Dwight

“Continuum Hospitals certainly benefited from the powerful role your film, The New Battlefield, has had in Continuum’s response to those terrible events of September 11.”

– David Wilson Kraft, Corporate Director, Continuum Health

“We were thrilled. The Joey Company exceeded our expectations. And the team is wonderful to work with.”

– Maryann Ballota, Group Marketing Manager – Health and Home, Jarden Consumer Solutions

“I thank you all again for your hard work and dedication. I am confident that the many pregnant women affected by these hurricanes are grateful for your assistance.”

– Jose F. Cordero, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Surgeon General Director, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities

“Consistently effective, excellent, on target, impactful but with the sensitivity and the ability to make the human connection that is so difficult and elusive.”

– Henry Kornhauser, Vice President of Marketing, Church & Dwight

“They’ve taken a brand in a mature category and through a unique advertising message, brought 55% growth to it. Almost unheard of.”

– Doug Gilmour, Category Manager, Aspercreme

“The Joey Company has proved itself capable of “jumping” across the traditional boundaries of business, education, and non-profit organizational systems.”

– Gail McCulloch, Major Gift Officer, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

“The Joey Company provided a unique approach to assessing our company within the context of our heritage, relevancy within the market and with varying consumer segments. Joey has a true appreciation for the DNA of brands and has an astute insight into the core of what really connects with customers.”

– Lucille Dehart, CMO, Maidenform

“The Joey Company is more than just a 360 marketing agency for a brand. They are truly a strategic partner and fully dedicated to making brands succeed in touching consumers’ lives. Joey and her team have found unique compelling insights on women’s health brands for more than a decade. In a highly competitive environment, The Joey Company is never deterred to think differently. Joey has a passionate, unstoppable team that works closely and collaboratively with her brand partners, far beyond a typical agency.”

– Wendy Bishop, Group Brand Manager, Church & Dwight

Brooklyn is better because [Joey] and The Joey Company make your home here!”

– Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President