“The creative process doesn’t stop in production, production is the third act.”


Zivy Johnson
Production Director
I love taking puzzle pieces from different boxes and fitting them together to create an inspirational end result. My bedrock was developed by touching multiple corners of the media world – stretching from artist representation to post-production to the nooks in between. I most enjoy successfully shepherding a germ from design to deliverable with a positive, upbeat, and direct approach.


Below the Line Talent Agent, New York Office, New York
Producer, mad.house, inc., New York
Operations Manager, Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging, New York
Associate Producer, Koerner Kronenfeld Partners, New York
Junior Talent Manager, Vanguard Management, New York
Agent Assistant, Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency, New York and Los Angeles


Hidden Gemnik

Born & Raised

Melbourne, Dallas, Reno, Sacramento, Reno, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, New York