We saw a way to help women stop relying on the guy to buy the condoms.
  • Challenge: Women are typically embarrassed to buy condoms. We need to drive cultural change, making it acceptable for both women and men to buy and carry condoms. (The packaging for this new line called XOXO was decidedly designed to be elegant, sophisticated and discreet, a big help for sure.)
  • Strategy: We know when couples get comfortable, the condom comes out of the equation as they want to “feel more” of each other. So we turned that insight on its ear and said you can do that with this condom.
  • Big Idea: “I want to feel more of you” is executed through an original song we wrote, scored to be sensual, capturing tender moments where the viewer is suspended as we watch that magical first kiss. In all these tender moments, the she, not the he, makes the first move.
  • Result: This campaign is the first in Trojan history that’s been cleared for prime time. According to Naomi Wolf, as quoted in The New York Times, "It wonderfully addresses women as adults who can take responsibility, not victims of whatever the guy happens to have in his pocket or not." The campaign launches in May across all platforms.